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Fashionable Patriotic Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for some fashionable patriotic outfit ideas to wear for the fourth of July? Of course, you don’t have to look like an American flag to show your spirit. […]

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Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beginning today, today's post is about the best items to shop for. In the same fashion, I will let you know how to navigate this sale. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates For many of you, you may have received an Early Access date. With the Early Access date, you can shop before the sale is open to the public. In addition, you can shop in the stores or on-line. The Anniversary Early Access date is July 13th and will last until July 20th. The sale opens to the public on July 21st and will last until August 8th. How to Shop Early So, if you want to shop early, you need to have a Nordstrom credit card.  In the same fashion, the great thing about having a Nordstrom Visa is you get points that earn Nordstrom Notes. Since there are many special events throughout the calendar year, you can earn double and triple points. By using your Nordstorm Visa card in the store, on-line, Hautelook and Trunk Club, you earn 2 points per dollar spent. If you don't have a Nordstrom credit card or want one, you will have to wait until the sale opens to the public. Or you can try to shop with someone who has a Nordstrom credit card. Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale If you're like me, you have already started planning what items you are going to buy. At the same time, I have already folded back pages in my catalog that I'm on the hunt for. So, every year, my friend, Rose and I make a day of this. Because we have already perused the catalog, we have an idea of items we're on the hunt for. In addition, many items don't make it into the catalog and can be found only on-line. Also, there are many other items in the store that aren't in the catalog. Since, I cannot resist a great sale, I'm excited to start shopping. Conclusion To sum up, I'm off to meet Rose for a day of shopping and lunch. I will let [...]

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Lynnway Mart Outdoor Flea Market

A few weeks ago, my Husband and I participated in the Lynnway Mart Outdoor Flea Market. Since my Husband and I live on a cul-de-sac, we decided it would be better to participate in a larger event than having strangers come by our home. […]

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5 Fashion Items Every Women should own

5 Fashion items every Women should own are a long trench coat, a well made handbag, a black dress, a cashmere cardigan and a diamond ring.  A long trench coat is essential for Women everywhere.  Owning a long trench coat is a must.  Trench coats are a staple for Fall and Spring when it is too warm to wear a winter coat, but not warm enough to go coat-less.  Wearing a long trench coat on a cooler summer evening or a warm and sunny winter's day is a must for every Woman.   I love handbags.  I own many and change them frequently.  I'm not a huge fan of the logo handbag no matter what Designer house it is from.  I prefer something well made and luxurious.  There are many choices for finding a handbag that works for your lifestyle. A black dress is something that should be part of every Women's wardrobe.  There are many choices with a black dress.  A perfect style that should be in your closet is something that can translate from day to evening.  One of my favorite black dresses I own is a black lightweight knit dress with a seam running down the center.   I've worn this dress multiple times for both casual and dressy occasions.  When I've worn the dress casual, I've opted for wearing it with a oxford shoe and for night time I've dressed it up with a necklace and a high heeled boot or pump.  Accessories change the look of a black dress. Cashmere cardigans are not only comfortable but luxurious.  There is nothing cozier than a button down cardigan.  There are many options on owning a cashmere cardigan and this can take you from day to night.  Investing in a good cardigan is essential.   My Mother passed on a cashmere cardigan in taupe with a removable mink collar to me when I was in my 20's.  By removing the collar I'm able to wear this cardigan casually and when I'm going somewhere special in the evening the mink collar makes it simply luxurious.   Thirty years and the sweater is still [...]

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