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English Rose Fashionable Style 2019

So, in celebration of the warm weather; I am loving English Rose prints. Although flower prints are nothing new; there are definitely some really pretty styles to wear. […]

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Spring Awakening Fashion 2019

Spring awakening – a new season brings change. So, are you ready to make a change? Whether you’re celebrating something special or feeling good; there is a lot of newness in fashion. […]

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Getaway Vacation Styles 2018

With Memorial Day around the corner, up your getaway vacation styles with the following ideas to look effortless. No doubt, you’re counting down the days before you take off. But, you may wonder what to pack. So, today’s post will have you vacation ready. […]

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Best Spring Styles Under $100.00

So, are you ready to start shopping for the best Spring styles without breaking the bank? In the first place, I have perused a lot of fashions and today’s post is a round-up of some budget-friendly styles for both Men and Women. […]

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Petal Power Spring Fashion 2018

No doubt, flowers and petal prints continue to be a big trend this Spring and Summer in fashion and home decor. So, you will see this season’s fashions reminding you of your grandparent’s sofa or wallpaper. Indeed, designers put a fresh spin on these vintage prints to give them a new look. […]

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Coachella Fashion Festival 2018

So, every year people gather for the Coachella music festival. Since the inception, this marks the beginning of the music season in California. […]

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Graphic Print Spring Trend 2018

So, trends emerge every season and one of the biggest trends is graphic prints. From comics strips to colorful stripes and newspaper prints; this season is all about interesting patterns. […]

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Iconic Spring Gingham Favorites 2018

When you’re looking to update your wardrobe, gingham favorites for the season will have you looking fresh this Spring. Gingham is an iconic staple that anyone can wear. […]

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Coachella Fashion Music Collide

Coachella Fashion is known for style as much as it is known for its music. So, recently many travelled to Indio, California to see this years performer's at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Coachella Fashion When fashion and music collide, many are known to make a fashion statement. Of course, everyone is known for their fun fashion styles. With this in mind, Coachella fashion was everything from dresses, boots and fun casual looks. In the same fashion, some of the big fashion styles at the recent event were shorts with pom poms worn with a lace top or T-shirt and a denim jacket. Below is the perfect style to capture this trend. Coachella Music Since everyone listens to music, the performers at this year's event included over 100 musical artists. With Lady GaGa to Kendrick Lamar, this year's festival music was off the chart. At the last-minute, Lady Gaga replaced Beyonce with her dynamite choreography as well as debuting her new single. Also, Lady Gaga included her collaboration of her song with Beyonce "Telephone" during her performance. Because Coachella has been known for its musical influence, this years show defined music and trends. With this in mind, everyone was on the lookout for this years show-stopper. Of course, there were a number of new music acts performing. With this in mind, many Musicians have made it to the big stage after Coachella. Coachella Fashion Style Indeed, everyone is in search of the best flower crown. So, with legal marijuana being a hot topic, this year's crown was a Weed Flower Crown. In addition, this is made up of weed strains including: Chocolate Hashberry Dog Walker Single White Weed Hence, this includes a quarter of an ounce of cannabis and retails at $60.00. Shop Coachella Fashion Styles Due to the fun 80's fashion styles, making a huge hit this year, we are seeing everything from mesh, fishnet and lace. Below is a great bohemian print Bardot dress perfect for rocking this Coachella Fashion trend. Furthermore, this great style is perfect for rocking out at any musical performance or [...]

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Prom Fashion Guide

Prom Fashion Guide Today's post is a Prom Fashion Guide for those attending Junior and Senior Proms are styles and tips highlighted.   Juniors and Seniors look forward to attending this event.  They start the process of looking for a date, dress, the tux, hair stylist, beauty, make-up, limo, photos and the event. Growing up, we waited for that someone special to ask us to the Prom.  Furthermore, we then went and selected a dress.  Prom Season has changed.  Now one looks for a dress months ahead of time, before even having a date.  Girls want to have first dibs on securing a dress for the big night.  Many Shops keep a registry of the styles it sells to ensure that no two dresses sell for the same event.  Dress registries have become the norm for teenagers attending Prom.  The need for these registries, ensure Shop Owners and teens that they won't have the same dress as their friends.  No one wants a comparison in "Who Wore it Best" The Average price for a prom dress is $350.00 - $500.00.  With everyone using social media, girls post their dresses on a Facebook group and invite their friends to post pictures of what they are wearing.  It ruins the surprise on everyone knowing what you're going to wear, but it ensures no one has the same dress.  Stores have been caught selling to more than one girl the same Prom dress.  In addition, I personally have been a witness to the chaos that follows.  Mothers come into the Store and demand their money back. Fashion Guide Shop for the dress.  I shopped for my Best Friend's daughter and had dresses put aside for her so when they came into the Store I had some of the work done. Once you have selected a dress, pick up jewelry to accessorize. Shoes - Find the right shoe to match the dress, but make sure they are comfortable as your're going to be standing and dancing all night. Make-up.  Many girls have appointments with department store specialty make-up counters or local make-up or beauty bars to get glamourous. Hair - Appointments [...]

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