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Summer Season Begins Today 2019

Finally, the first day of the Summer season begins today. Indeed, this season is a favorite for many people. With longer days of sunshine and time to be outside more often; what’s not to love? […]

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Summer Countdown

Summer Countdown - Here comes the Sun! Temperatures are heating up. Are you counting down the days until school is out? Counting the days until Summer Vacation? Many businesses have shorter work days on Friday in the summer months. Everyone seems to be more relaxed and active as the days are longer and brighter. Summer Countdown Everything you need to do to get bathing suit ready and greet the Summer season. If you are trying to lose weight, try consuming more calories before the middle of the afternoon. Usually those of us who eat a bigger meal for lunch, tend to shed more calories than those who eat later into the evening. Keep your food light and try to eat a hearty breakfast or lunch. Exercise It is important to develop a stretching or exercise routine. Stretching prevents injuries and helps keep the muscles and body limber. It is important to stretch before any type of exercise and cool down with stretching - even 30 seconds of stretching helps. Think about exercising from the moment you wake up.  Even if you have to be somewhere in the morning, try stretching in the shower, while making the bed - reach further. Walking or taking the steps in the morning will keep you limber. The more time you can fit it, the better you will feel. Devote your mornings to any type of exercise to help keep you fit. Join a friend on a hike, bike ride or activity. Participating in any group activity keeps you motivated as well as bringing out a little competitiveness. If you work outside the home, pack a lunch. Going out to lunch at a restaurant makes it harder to lose weight.  Instead of happy hour, plan to take a class or participate in a sport or fitness activity. With the nicer weather upon us, there are more outdoor activities to try. Even if you're not a fan of going to the gym, try long walks on the beach.    Download a mix of your favorite music and you will have a good playlist to listen to all Summer [...]

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Happy June Summer

Happy June Summer!  Half the year is behind us and subsequently, summer is only a few weeks away.  The month of June is often a favorite of many as School is out, the days are longer and therefore we can enjoy much more Sun light and the beginning month of Summer is upon us. Happy June Summer Many are looking forward to this month.  Some of the things to put on your calendar for the month for instance are: Summer Weddings Gardening Graduations Garden Parties Barbeques Days at the Beach Summer parties Long drives Wearing less layers of clothes Baseball games Outdoor sporting activities Boating Summer reading Day trips Summer travel plans Bicycling Walking on the beach Building sand castles I'm a big fan of stocking up on romantic fiction novels for the summer months.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than a day out doors with a good book to keep me entertained for hours.  The book featured below, titled Summer Romance is a suggestion to pick up that is an enjoyable read.  It is about a jilted bride that is supposed to be on her honeymoon yet instead on vacation with her best friend.  She meets her best friend's boyfriends brother who is a musician. Even though she thinks he is wrong for her - she find herself fantasizing about settling down with him.  Kick up your feet and enjoy this light hearted summer read. "Romance is in the Air"  The start of June for many is known as a great time to begin a Summer Romance.    Many people spend the month of June as a time to regroup. Fashionista's can start to get ready to embark on some of the new fashion trends for the Summer season.  There are many trends that I've written about in prior posts.  Visit my prior posts for some fashion styles, trends and inspiration. June in particular, is a good month to start preparing for Summer. Happy June Summer!

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