The girl he used to know is a book I recently received by SheSpeaks. When I received this book, I was excited to start reading.

The Girl He Used To Know

First and foremost – what you need to know is this story begins in dual timelines. This book is about a romance that takes place in 1991 and 2001. So, the pitfall is you’re going back and forth on not just one timeline, but another one as well.

So, this story begins with Annika Rose who meets Jonathan in a Chicago grocery store. First, you should know that they met at a chess club in the University of Illinois back in 1991.

Since Annika was home schooled, early on you learn she is socially awkward. Due to school bullying, Annika was removed from school by her Mother. From Annika’s upbringing and home schooling; she has difficulty in most social situations.

When the story goes back to 1991, you also learn about Annika’s roommate in which they have many straightforward conversations.

Whenever the story flips, you learn more about Annika’s career as a Librarian and Jonathan’s a Wall Street whiz who is recovering from a divorce. The three timelines reflect the past, present and Annika’s personality.

Because there is a lot of dialogue, you really get to know a lot about Annika and Jonathan’s relationship.

The Girl He Used To Know Book Review

For anyone who experiences any type of social awkwardness; they will relate to Annika’s struggles. Indeed, a lot of people who are bookworms will relate to the sentence – “I like books more than I like most people”.

In my opinion, this book takes some time to get into. At the same time, I found a lot of the writing flat and additionally I had a hard time relating to some of the characters.

However with this being said, it is a book that you really have to read until the end to get the message.

In the end, Annika’s strength comes out. Since I don’t want to spoil the ending; you will have to read this book to see how it ends.

For anyone who relates to autism, you will appreciate this book and Annika’s strength.


The Girl He Used To Know Book Review

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