If you’re thinking about tattoo body art, today’s post focuses on the pros and cons of getting a tattoo. Since the tattoo has become present in the fashion industry, I personally won’t be getting one in this lifetime.

Why I won’t get a Tattoo

Because I’m always changing my mind and find my taste changes often, a tattoo is not for me. Although I admire many tattoo’s I’ve seen on others, it isn’t something that I relate to. While many are having quotes, astrology signs and designs done, I cannot commit to this forever.

Pros of Getting a Tattoo

If you decide to get one, is it for you? When you’re looking to express yourself or signify something important in your life, than permanent ink may be the way to go.

When you decide to get one, make sure it is something that is personal and meaningful to you. Also, another option is to personally come up with your own design. You can also try to look at the design and keep it nearby. Before committing to it permanently, revisit the design often. Does it still speak out to you? If you wait awhile and still feel a connection to your design, than go for it.

Cons of Permanent Ink

So, if you think like me, your style is always changing. Something you like one day, you may not relate to a few months or years from now. In addition, many Employers frown on body ink in a professional setting. Also, don’t follow the leader. Just because others in your clan are getting inked, doesn’t mean you need to follow along.

Moreover, you need to have a threshold for pain. For me, I don’t like needles and have no tolerance for pain whatsoever. Furthermore, I cannot imagine myself getting a design and not liking the outcome.

As you get older, your body ink changes. If you have children, what will they say? Grandchildren? When your body changes as you age, your art looks differently. My Father-in-law had many tattoos and lived well into his 90’s. His body art on his arm looked like one big spot.

Think before inking your body. Tattoos are forever. You cannot get rid of them without time, money and a lot of pain.

Tattoo Removal

While recently visiting a skin care center, someone was there for laser removal. Because laser removal doesn’t involve cutting into the skin, it uses pulses of light of high concentration. In addition, this usually requires a lot of visits to have it completely removed. Furthermore, this can be expensive.

Another option is micro dermabrasion. If you have a good dermatologist, they can advise you if you’re a candidate for this type of procedure. Similar to laser treatment, this will usually require a number of visits. In addition, this can be very expensive.

Surgery is another option. If you have a small mark, your doctor can remove it by a scalpel. Keep in mind, this will leave a scar. Chemical peels are another option, although it isn’t effective as laser treatment. To point out, there are also removal creams such as TatBGone.

To sum up, make sure you do your research before removing any tattoo. Of course, it is your body. In conclusion, do you have a tattoo? Let me know your thoughts.