Tie Dye has been around since the mid 1960’s in the United States.  Furthermore, various techniques have been practiced around the world. Also, this is well known in Africa, India and Japan.

Tie Die History and Process

So, the process of creating this consists of twisting, pleating, folding and crumpling of fabric with strings or rubber bands followed by an application of dye. The patterns can include spiral, mandala and peace signs.  In the first place, this gained popularity in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

At the same time, this technique became popular back in the 1960’s to save RIT dye. Because the brand was loosing its market share; the Manager, Don Price was determined to save the brand and find new purposes.  Dyer’s in other Countries were using RIT dye to decorate and imprint clothing.  Don decided to bring the tie-dye process to America hoping it would attract a younger audience.  The hippie movement was gaining popularity and psychedelic colors were becoming the rage.  People wanted to make individual clothing statements. Don Price went to Greenwich Village in New York hoping to ignite interest.  He was able to recruit several Artists who experimented with the process.

RIT packaged dye products in liquid dispensers that could easily be squeezed onto fabrics and this kept the colors from running together.  Designers liked the concept and started making styles attracting the attention of well known Actors, Musicians and Performers.   The trend continued to grow in popularity and it was easy to find T-shirts at Concert venues, street fairs and festivals.  The process has become much more streamlined with many Companies offering dye’s that are easy to use.  If you want to get creative or enjoy a day of arts and crafts, the kit featured below is recommended.

Tie Dye Kit

Tie Dye Trip

There has been interest in fashion in creating sophisticated tie-dye styles.  Some designers have used simple motifs, monochromatic color schemes and fabrics such as silk, linen and woven. Dip into a favorite trend for Spring and Summer.  Tie dye’s never seem to go out of style and there are many choices.  Items to consider purchasing to jump on this never ending trend are:

  1. Scarves
  2. Shawls
  3. Headbands
  4. T-shirts
  5. Dresses
  6. Shorts
  7. Skirts
  8. Tops
  9. Pants
  10. Activewear apparel

A few favorites, I found for the Spring and Summer season are below.  Additionally, the dress featured below is right in style as it shows some skin (see my prior post) and Pantone’s 2016 colors.

choices tie dye aline dress

The skirt below is perfect for the upcoming Summer season.    If you’re wearing the skirt casually add a plain T-shirt, a tie-front shirt, or a plain knit sweater and if you’re wearing it for after 5, a tank top and some fun jewelry would be a home run in the style department.  Also, the skirt comes in a variety of colors.  To summarize, let me know which color you choose.

tie dye skirt

Of course, tie dye has become a mainstream in fashion.  When I was representing various wholesale companies in Women’s apparel, I often saw tie dye in designs each season.  In conclusion, let me know if you will be taking a tie dye trip this season.