Trending Benjamin Moore interior colors are muted and understated. When you’re thinking of updating your home, this year’s colors are versatile.

Trending Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

So this years colors will bring a strong sophistication that radiates balance, beauty and glamour.

Trending Benjamin Moore Interior Colors

This year’s color of the year is Metropolitan. When you think of something that is soft, yet neutral; Metropolitan is that color. In the same fashion, Metropolitan is a color that associates with minimalism. Not only is this color timeless; but it encourages people to live a less clutter free lifestyle.

Trending Benjamin Moore Colors

So, if you’re looking to start your New Year with a home makeover; check out 2019’s Trending Benjamin Moore Colors.

rending Benjamin Moore Interior Colors

  • Head over Heels – Of course, this color will have you fall in love in this soft hue that soothes the senses. Softer shades like this bring a spirituality into the home.
  • Cloud White and Decorate White – No doubt, both colors are understated neutrals to bring harmony into your home.
  • Balboa Mist – Truly, this color bring sophistication into any room with its brightness.
  • Putnam Ivory – When you’re thinking of adding a touch of color to brighten up your decor; Putnam ivory will add a touch of color into your home.
  • Soft Fern – No doubt, this color adds some depth and would work as a nice accent color for any room.
  • Smoke – When there is smoke, there is fire. And, this color brings romance into any room.
  • Metropolitan – See above for this sophisticated, yet classic color chosen as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year.
  • Pashmina – Ultimately, this shade works as a nice accent color for any room.
  • Beau Green – This color will bring a room to life.
  • Black Pepper – Of course, this shade will remind you of Menswear. Black Pepper is a great color to use as trim or as an accent color for any room.
  • Kendall Charcoal – Because this color has a richness to it; it would add sophistication to any room in your home.
  • Kona – Perfect for an office or a study.
  • Hunter Green – A bright color to bring a little depth into any room.
  • Hale Navy – Indeed, this color will bring a boldness into any room. Meanwhile, this color’s undertone brings energy into any room.

Trending Benjamin Moore Home Colors

In the same fashion, this years colors are much more understated than last years palette. To see last years colors, check out my Home Color Benjamin Moore 2018 Forecast post.

Let’s keep colors softer this year and that are less trendy, yet more timeless. In my opinion, all of these colors bring a richness into any home, without too much flash.

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