Are you looking for the perfect vacation book boyfriend? Of course, vacation is for R & R. When we think of book boyfriends, we think of the male character we love in the book.

Vacation Book Boyfriend

But there is nothing like a good book to get lost in while lying on the beach. Whether you’re looking for an escape or something to entertain you, I have the perfect vacation book boyfriend recommendation.

While on vacation in Aruba recently, I found the perfect book series to keep me entertained. Indeed, there is something about reading on a beach.

Working It – Love by Design

Vacation Book Boyfriend Recommendation

With my love of the fashion industry, I immediately found myself immersed in Working It – Love by Design. Emerson (Emmy) Clarke is the girl from Tennessee, living in NYC and working as an Assistant to Model Agency Owner, Fiona.

Of course, Ben Shaw is the swoon worthy model who will become your vacation book boyfriend. Ben has grown up in the fast paced fashion model industry and has a lot of issues. Although, he isn’t looking for a serious relationship, he connects with Emmy and there starts their story.

In addition, the book started out as a lighthearted fling, but developed into more. As the story progressed, it was nice to see the love story develop between Ben and Emmy. Although Ben and Emmy come from worlds apart, their story is humorous and enjoyable to read.

Craving Him – Love by Design

Craving him continues where Working it left off.

Vacation Book Boyfriend Recommendation

As Ben and Emmy’s relationship develops, Fiona schemes to send Emmy back to New York on a work promotion. Drama unfolds and next thing you know, Fiona is pregnant. When Emmy learns about this, she moves back to Tennessee. Will they reunite? Is Ben the father of Fiona’s baby?

Because Emmy has strong feelings for Ben, she craves his love. Although Emmy and Ben have different lifestyles, Emmy opens herself up to the potential of reuniting? Will they be able to stay together?

All or Nothing – Love by Design

Vacation Book Boyfriend Recommendation

All or Nothing is the third book in this series. Because you know Emmy’s roommate, Ellie and Ben’s best friend, Braydon, All or Nothing take you through their story. This story takes you through their blossoming friendship and casual relationship.

Since Ellie isn’t looking for a casual relationship, will Braydon commit to a serious relationship? As Ellie and Braydon spend more time together, will their relationship last? Is there more than meets the eye to their story?


For me, Ben and Braydon were the perfect vacation book boyfriend. But, don’t tell my Husband. All kidding aside, I recommend reading this series as I was able to finish it during my vacation.

As always, I welcome your comments on this book series or any other vacation book boyfriend recommendation you may have.