Three top Vintage inspired trends are making a comeback for Spring 2017. Although many trends take a vacation, they reemerge in another era. So, this year’s big fashion trends are from the 80’s and other time periods. For the most part, you’re sure to find a vintage trend that inspires you this season.

Vintage Inspired Music, Fashion

In the same fashion, the music industry has long been rocking vintage and grunge clothing and accessories. With the recent death of David Bowie and Prince, we’re seeing T-shirts, pop up in their memory.

Below is an authentic design of David Bowie’s 1972 World tour T-shirt with detailed artwork.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

In addition, the retro color Prince T-shirt below is perfect to rock the vintage inspired trend this Spring.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Also, Mens rings have been getting a lot of attention. Of course, many of the music industry musicians have been spotted wearing rings with a bikers, military and Navajo edge.

Vintage Inspired Embroidery

Embroidery is leading the way this season. With this in mind, whatever you’re shopping for, you will find this season. This is a huge trend seen in everything from bomber jackets, dresses, jeans, bags, and children’s wear.

Since we saw the bomber jacket be a big trend in fashion the last few years, this year’s version has a remodel. Below is a velvet embroidered vintage inspired baseball jacket.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

In case you’re looking for a touch of embroidery, step out with Stella McCartney’s iconic Falabella bag with bright embroidery on cool denim. Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Also, the denim off the shoulder embroidered dress below is a great style to give keep you cool this Spring.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Another great dress with embroidered sleeves is below. Furthermore, this eclectic mix of new with old comes together to pull off a great style for the season.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Vintage Inspired Denim

In the same fashion, patchwork and embroidery are the hottest styles in denim this season. Below is an embroidered skinny jean with roses and a burst of color on a classic pair of jeans. Hence, this style will be your go-to pair of jeans for the season. You can dress them up or wear casually.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Below is a great patchwork denim skirt that you can have a lot of fun with. Furthermore, this contemporary style can be paired with a T-shirt. Style options are unlimited with the patchwork detailing as you can dress it up or wear it casually.

Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Whether you’re seeking something fun, fancy, or different; you’re sure to find inspiration with the vintage inspired fashion Spring story.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the vintage inspired fashion trends.