Wear your Pajamas to work today! Of course, there is nothing like wearing a soft and cozy pair of pajamas to work. Since pajama dressing has gained momentum in the fashion industry; why not wear something comfy today?

Wear your Pajamas to Work Day

While the origin of this holiday is not known; it is not a surprise that it is celebrated the day after tax day – April 15.  In fact, many companies have days you can wear your PJ’s to work. To read more about this trend, be sure to check out my Pajama Party Fashion Styles post.

If you work at a company with a dress code, it is easy to still wear a pajama style top or camisole and add a jacket. Another way to celebrate this day is to share photo’s of yourself at your desk in your favorite pajamas.

Wear your Pajamas – Style Recommendations

Since this trend continues to pick up momentum; are you ready to rock this style today? At the same time, these cozy styles are making their way to the street and events. At many events, you can find fashionista’s dressed in fashionable PJ”s with fun shoe styles, coats and handbags to create eye candy.

A great style option to wear these fun printed pair of pajama pants with a cute sweater and a pair of kitten heels. In addition, this style is available in a stripe style.


Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Are you heading to a party? For a different take on after 5 styles, wear a silky pair of pants and add some sparkle with a pair of glittery pumps and sparkly accessories. Below is a satin striped pajama pant. Pair this style with a solid T-shirt and add a jacket to wear to work. And, to head out after work, add strappy sandals and a fun slinky top or cardigan sweater.


Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

From ASOS Design, this animal printed T-shirt and pants are ideal to mix and match. You can wear this together or separately; and add some fun accessories, sneakers or a solid sweater or silk shirt.


Pajamas to Work Day

Another great style to wear is a printed pajama shirt. And, pair this style with a pair of jeans and a pair of booties or a pair of strappy sandals.


Pajama Shirt

In summary, wear your pajamas to work today and enjoy this fun holiday.

So, celebrate today! Head to dinner! Go shopping! Stay comfortable all day!

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Wear your Pajamas to Work Today!