Wife appreciation day is today and it is a day for the husbands to let their spouse know how much they appreciate them. So, if you’re not familiar with this non-holiday, today is a day to let your Wife know how much you love her.

Wife Appreciation Day

In the first place, Wife Appreciation Day came about to celebrate “Wives” who don’t have children in place of Mother’s Day. First and foremost, if you don’t have anything special planned, make the day about her. Hence, you can let her decide what she would like to do today.

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Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Clearly, most Men may not know what to do today to celebrate their Wife. Thus, how about starting the day by making her breakfast. Or, if you have to work today; leave a cute note for her to see, when she wakes up.

And, if you don’t have any plans today, why not prepare one of her favorite meals? In addition, you can give your Wife flowers or surprise her with her favorite treat. If you’re not a cook, make a reservation at one of her favorite restaurants.

Not one for romantic gestures, surprise her with her favorite fragrance or book her a spa day appointment. No matter what you come up with, the day is just to say “Thanks” for what she does.

My Husband’s Wife Appreciation Letter

Because I wrote a note for my Husband to read when he checked out my post on National Husband Appreciation Day, I had him write a note in appreciation of all the things I do. So, get ready to laugh at my Hubby’s note that he wrote in a text to me.

Lynne – You amaze me in so many ways. I appreciate all you do and give of yourself every day. In addition, I appreciate you taking care of the household account to pay the bills. Of course, I appreciate you caring for me and always worrying about my well-being. But, sometimes you worry too much…

Moreover I appreciate you cooking some incredible meals; however I don’t appreciate the mess you make after cooking. Namely, you cook food like you’re preparing for an army. LOL

Lastly, I’m glad I’m married to you and I wouldn’t change anything and look forward to growing old with you and making new memories.

Today, I’m celebrating everything about you that makes you amazing.


Most of all, I’m touched that my Hubby wrote this letter and texted this to me to share with my readers today.

How Will you Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Finally, what do you have planned today? Of course, I would love to hear your stories on how you will be celebrating Wife Appreciation Day.