So today is World Pasta Day! Since 1998, this fun non-holiday is celebrated throughout the world every year on the 25th of October. No doubt, most people associate pasta with Italians; however pasta originally came from Asia.

World Pasta Day

First and foremost, this is a day celebrated throughout the world. Also, events are organized yearly by the International Pasta Organization. And, this year’s event will take place in Dubai.

Meanwhile, over three million plates of pasta has been donated all over the world to fight hunger by many pasta producers. Not only is this day an opportunity to enjoy pasta; but also to understand the role pasta plays in helping serve affordable, yet nutritious meals.

Celebrate World Pasta Day

Since pasta is made primarily from wheat semolina, it is nutritious. In addition to the nutritious value; pasta is part of the Mediterranean diet. Be sure to check-out my Mediterranean Healthy Diet Overview post to read some tips to incorporate into your everyday life.

While some may attribute pasta as an unhealthy carb; the value is pasta is one of the healthiest dishes. It can help lower your risk in many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When pasta is part of your everyday diet, it does not have a negative impact on your weight.

For other ways to make pasta, be sure to visit my Zoodles Pasta Dinner post. Also, check-out my Farmers Market Pasta Recipes post for some tasty and healthy pasta recipes.

Everyone loves pasta. So, celebrate today but either going out to dinner or making a new noodle recipe. In my opinion, everyone is always on the go. However, pasta is one of the quickest ways to make a meal.

For a simple way to make pasta; the cookbook below has some easy ways to make homemade pasta.


World Pasta Day October 25th

From Williams Sonoma, the cookbook below has some great recipes for pasta as well as seafood. Furthermore, the recipes are easy to follow.


World Pasta Day October 25th

Pasta is Good for the Environment

Did you know pasta is good for the planet? Accordingly, many experts have said pasta is a plant-based meal and doesn’t have a drain on natural resources, such as animal and meat products.

Pasta Fun Facts

Did you know that there are over 600 different types of pasta? Meanwhile, macaroni was a popular hair style in the eighteenth century. In fact, macaroni hair was a term for overblown bouffant hair styles.

  • Marco Polo discovery B.C. 5000 of pasta in China
  • Spaghetti means strings
  • Farfalle are butterflies
  • Linguine means little tongues
  • Raviolis’ mean turnips

Happy World Pasta Day!